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Environmental Test Chamber for Materials

Environmental chambers for materials testing are systems used to control the environment in which a specimen is tested to simulate real-life application conditions. Because the mechanical properties of many materials change based on the ambient in which they are used, it is important to understand the physical characteristics they exhibit in these environments as different forces are applied. This helps ensure the safety, optimization, and reliability of their end products.

Environmental Test Chamber for Materials

  • Thermal Cycling Testing

This involves repeatedly cycling a material with temperature changes to evaluate its performance under thermal stress. This may include rapid or gradual temperature changes and monitoring the dimensional stability, strength, and other properties of the material during and after thermal cycling.

  • Temperature Cycling

This test is performed to characterize thermal durability of materials by exposing at a low and high temperature environment.

  • Corrosion Testing

This includes exposing materials to corrosion-promoting conditions, such as salt spray, acidic or alkaline environments, or corrosive gases, to assess their corrosion resistance and performance in corrosive environments.

  • Accelerated Aging Testing

This includes exposing materials to accelerated environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, UV radiation, and chemical exposure in a controlled laboratory environment. This allows evaluating the performance of materials under accelerated aging conditions to simulate long-term exposure over a relatively short period of time. Exposure testing involves exposing materials to actual outdoor environments for extended periods of time to evaluate their performance under real-world conditions. This can include exposure to environmental factors such as sunlight, humidity, temperature fluctuations, and chemical exposure, and involves monitoring the material's performance over time.

The exact method of durability testing may vary depending on the material being tested, the characteristics being evaluated, and the relevant industry standards or regulations. LIB industry has specialize in environmental simulation industry for more than 10 years and has much experience to give you the right test solutions.

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