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Battery Test Chamber

LIB Battery Test Chamber is a temperature chamber accurately controlling temperature. This chamber reproduces a highly similar test environment compared with actual application scenario for the battery pack. The highest temperature can reach at +150 ℃ or higher and the lowest temperature can be -70℃ or lower. The core function consists of cooling system, air circulation, control system, temperature sensor, protection system.


Model: TR10-1000C

Standard: IEC62133, UL1642, UN38.3

Battery Test Chamber Features and Benefits

1. The low temperature range is wide, there are A, B, C types of low temperature, respectively -20 ℃, -40 ℃, -70 ℃,  and the high temperature can be +150°C, temperature fluctuation is controlled with ±0.5 ℃.


2. The average cooling and heating rate is 10℃/min, the battery test chamber can also be customized for higher or lower cooling and heating rates.


3. The battery test chamber is equipped with explosion-proof design, the mesh stainless steel sheet is attached to the observation window, and the salt spray tube is arranged at the top of the test chamber.


4. Safety device: High temperature may lead to battery explosion, fire, smoke and other phenomena, there are spray devices and smoke detectors in the workroom, in the first time to prevent the battery from causing greater damage to the chamber and the laboratory.


5.  Standard and customized battery test chamber are all available. LIB provides a one-stop solution for design, commissioning, delivery, installation.


Battery Test Chamber Specifications




Internal   Dimension (mm)



Overall   Dimension (mm)



Interior   Volume



Temperature   Range

C   : -70 +170

Temperature   Fluctuation

± 0.5

Temperature   Deviation

± 2.0

Cooling   Rate

10   / min average

Heating   Rate

10   / min average

Battery Test Chamber Application

Battery test chamber is a kind of climatic test chamber meeting the relevant specifications and standards of IEC62133, UL1642, UN38.3, etc. Batteries are widely used as energy storage units, accordingly battery test chamber also diversely employed in such as battery manufacturing and research, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and aerospace. As a temperature chamber, operator can set programs under specific standards and requirements.




Battery Test Chamber Working Principle

Battery test chamber is a kind of temperature controlled chamber designed for battery performance evaluation. By simulating various environmental conditions, such as temperature, pressure, vibration and can be simulated individually or in combination, the test chamber can detect the performance of the battery in different environments by controlling the environmental parameters, to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery. The following core working steps further explain how the battery test chamber works:

Take IEC 62133 standard as an example, IEC 62133 is an international standard for the safety requirements of portable sealed secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or non-acidic electrolytes.

1. Preparation: Place the battery in the battery test chamber and fix it, there is cable hole on the side of workroom to facilitate powering the battery.

2. Set relevant environmental parameter. For instance thermal test in IEC 62133 performing high and low temperature impact test at 75±2℃ and -40±2℃, storage time at limit temperature 6h, high and low temperature conversion time 30min, impact 10 times, storage at room temperature (20±5℃) for 24h, the total test time is at least one week. And for vibration test a reciprocating logarithmic sweep sine vibration within 15min, and 12 vibrations in 3D direction are completed within 3h.

3. Monitoring and data recording: The battery test chamber is equipped with high-precision temperature sensor and vibration shaker. The data acquisition system on the PID controller records the changes of these parameters at a high frequency to form a detailed data file.

4.Safety protection: When the battery test chamber stops operating, closely observe whether the battery has abnormal phenomena such as bulging, leakage, smoke, fire, and explosion. Once abnormal conditions are found, the battery test chamber will automatically start the emergency stop procedure immediately, such as starting the fire extinguishing system, ventilation system, etc.

Overall, the working principle of the battery test chamber evaluates the safety and performance of the battery under various conditions through the collaborative work of environmental simulation, monitoring, explosion-proof protection and data processing.

How to Choose Proper Battery Test Chamber

When choosing a battery test chamber, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you select the right one for your specific testing needs. Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Size and capacity:

According to the size and number of battery samples, select the appropriate internal size and volume of the battery test chamber, model TH-100, TH-225, TH-500, TH-800, TH-1000 are all available meanwhile you can custom different capacity of battery test chamber.

2. Parameters control:

According to the working environmental conditions of the battery, select the battery test chamber that can provide the required temperature, and the control accuracy is high. The environmental test chamber has three temperature types, A: -20℃ ~ +150 ℃, B: -40℃ ~ +150 ℃, C: -70℃ ~ +150 ℃,different battery explosion-proof levels require different temperatures.

3. Safety performance: 

Focus on the treatment of the test box for explosion-proof, including the material strength of the chamber, sealing performance, pressure relief device, fire extinguishing device, ventilation device, etc., to ensure that the safety of personnel and the environment can be guaranteed in the event of an emergency in the battery.

4. After-sales service: 

choose a battery test chamber with professional after-sales. LIB industry promises all series of battery test chambers enjoy three-year warranty, lifetime service.




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