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What is Pharmaceutical Stability Test Chamber

Pharmaceutical Stability Test Chamber, also known as pharmaceutical stability testing chamber or drug constant temperature and humidity chamber, is a piece of equipment used in pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology industries, and all related research fields including life sciences. It is suitable for pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to conduct accelerated tests, long-term tests, and factor influence tests on active pharmaceutical ingredients or formulations.


Structure of Pharmaceutical Stability Test Chamber

Material: Outer casing material: high-quality cold-rolled steel plate processed by CNC machine tools, surface spray treatment for a more glossy and beautiful appearance.

Temperature and humidity cycling system: Utilizes specially designed air-conditioning type low-noise long-shaft fan motors, stainless steel multi-wing impellers resistant to high and low temperatures, to achieve strong vertical diffusion circulation.

8-10 pieces of 20W fluorescent lamps are installed on the inner wall of the chamber door for light exposure tests.

An additional tempered glass door is installed inside the working chamber to isolate products and lamps.

The chamber door is equipped with a large viewing angle vacuum insulated toughened glass for easy inspection of sample test processes by users.

High-quality door seals and insulation materials improve the overall performance of the machine.

Door handle: Uses a reactionless door handle for easier operation.

Casters: High-quality fixed PU swivel casters are installed at the bottom of the machine.


Cooling system of Pharmaceutical Stability Test Chamber

Refrigeration compressor: Uses original Danish "Danfoss" fully enclosed compressors; small volume, light weight, low noise, high efficiency, long life, renowned in the refrigeration industry worldwide, especially known for Danfoss compressors' anti-noise design, high efficiency, and energy-saving features.

Refrigerant: Environmentally friendly refrigerant

Condenser: Air-cooled coil.

Evaporator: Fin type.

Other accessories: Refrigeration drying filter, solenoid valve.


Main features of Pharmaceutical Stability Test Chamber

  • Microcomputer control of temperature and humidity, ensuring stability, accuracy, and reliability.

  • Unique air duct circulation system to ensure uniform airflow distribution inside the working chamber.

  • Temperature and humidity controllers, compressors, circulating fans, and other components are all imported products, known for their stability, safety, and reliability.

  • Independent over-temperature and low-temperature sound and light tracking alarm system to ensure safe operation of the test without accidents.

  • Independent heating, cooling, and humidification systems for improved efficiency.

  • Uses imported stainless steel inner liner, with four corners rounded for easy cleaning.


The pharmaceutical Stability Test Chamber is a special type of constant temperature and humidity chamber applied in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to constant temperature and humidity control, it also requires the configuration of data recording systems and remote alarm systems compliant with regulations, and regular 3Q validation. Therefore, the Drug Stability Testing Chamber is a different type of constant temperature and humidity chamber.

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