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Environmental Test Chamber for Battery Technology

With the continuous expansion and widespread use of batteries, the safety of batteries is becoming more and more important. After they are produced, battery manufacturers must conduct strict safety tests on them to ensure the safety of batteries and reduce potential safety hazards and accidents. But what exactly are them? LIB INDUSTRY will introduce the durability tests and related test standards for batteries.

Environmental Test Chamber for Battery Technology

  • Temperature Shock and Cycle Test

This test primarily evaluates changes in battery integrity due to exposure to extreme and sudden temperature changes, such as expansion and contraction of battery components when a vehicle enters or exits a heated or refrigerated garage during transport. During temperature shock and cycling tests, the battery is subjected to two temperature limits, high and low, and held at each temperature limit for a specified time. The temperature shock and cycle tests described in standards and regulations have different maximum temperature limits. The lower temperature limit of all standards and regulations is -40°C (IEC62660-2 has a minimum temperature of -20°C in the case of live operation), although the upper temperature limit is different. 

  • Thermal Stability Test

This test mainly evaluates the stability of the battery at high temperature to identify the battery thermal runaway start temperature or the stability at high temperature. During the test, the temperature of the battery is sequentially increased at a step of 5°C/min, raised to the specified temperature and maintained for 30 minutes, or until major damage to the battery occurs.

  • Aging Test

The performance of batteries after high-temperature aging is more stable. Most battery manufacturers adopt high-temperature aging operation methods in the production process. The temperature is 45-50 degrees Celsius for 1-3 days, and then shelved at room temperature. Potential adverse phenomena of batteries will be exposed after high-temperature aging: such as voltage changes, thickness changes, and internal resistance changes are all direct tests of the comprehensive indicators of safety and electrochemical performance of these batteries.

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