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What Is Walk In Climatic Chamber?

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The test demands of large components are increasing, and ordinary models of test equipment cannot meet these test needs, so the walk-in climatic chamber is evolving to meet the new needs of the environmental testing industry.

A walk-in climate chamber is an insulated box that can be configured in a variety of sizes for storing products under specific environmental conditions and also for product reliability and validation testing.


Large walk-in climate test chambers have a similar box-like structure and are used to test full-size vehicles from motorcycles to cars to full-size trucks, as well as very large ship and aircraft parts. Depending on the test requirements, a variety of conditions can be simulated in the walk-in climate chamber. These may include temperature, humidity, vibration, altitude, noxious gas, salt spray, xenon lamp exposure, etc., in order to test the product in a variety of environments to which it may be exposed during its life cycle.


Advantages of Walk-In Climatic Chamber

A large walk in environmental test chamber offers several advantages over a smaller test chamber. Firstly, it enables the testing of larger products and components. This is particularly useful in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and energy, where products can be sizeable. By testing these products in an environment that simulates the real-world conditions they will face, manufacturers can ensure the reliability and durability of their products.


A larger test chamber can also accommodate multiple test specimens at once, enabling more efficient testing and reducing the testing time required. This can be particularly beneficial when testing products or components for industries that have high demand and require rapid product development.


A large walk-in environmental test chamber allows for a more comprehensive testing of products. Manufacturers can simulate more extreme environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure, enabling them to test the product's performance under different circumstances. This can lead to better product design and development, ultimately improving product quality, reliability, and safety.


Lastly, a larger test chamber often results in better accuracy of test results due to the more stable and consistent environmental conditions.


Disadvantages of Walk-In Climatic Chamber

One of the major disadvantages of a large walk-in climate test chamber is the high cost of acquisition and maintenance. These types of chambers require a significant financial investment, and ongoing maintenance costs can quickly add up.


Additionally, their large size can make them difficult to operate and require advanced controls, maintenance, and calibration to ensure accurate and reliable testing results. Furthermore, they typically require a considerable amount of space and resources to build, install, and operate, which may not be feasible for smaller companies or laboratories.


Finally, although the larger chamber can accommodate a larger sample, the operation of the chamber will consume more energy than the average small test chamber.


Performance Characteristics

1. Walk in chamber is mainly composed of a control panel, a switchboard, a thermal insulation board, a blower, a heater, a humidifier, a refrigerator, etc.

2. Environmental chamber using the combination of library board units, the internal volume is arbitrarily enlarged, easy to disassemble and assemble, and can be designed according to the size of the customers' needs. It can be matched with the migration of the customer when the factory is expanded.

3. The scientific air circulation design avoids any dead angle and makes the indoor temperature and humidity evenly distributed.

4. The true color touch-type programmable controller is equipped with a computer connection interface. Users can design programs on the computer screen, collect test data and records, call program execution, and remotely control the machine to switch on and off. High degree of automation and simple operation.

5. When an abnormal situation occurs, the controller screen will automatically display the fault status immediately, cut off the computer switch, and provide troubleshooting methods

6. The inner machine is fully welded with thick SUS304 stainless steel plate. The advantage of full welding is that it has good sealing and is not easy to crack.

7. The outer machine adopts high-grade powder baking paint on both sides of the electrolytic board.

8. The thermal insulation material is made of polyurethane automatic mechanical foaming, and the thickness of the thermal insulation layer is 100 mm.

9. Climate test chamber, The door is sealed with double-layer silicone sealing material, and the sealing effect is good.

10. The observation window is tempered glass, and the size of the window can be customized according to customer requirements.

LIB can provide customized walk-in chambers for different samples, including solutions, reliability tests, parameter measurement, data analysis and failure analysis one-stop services.

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