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Maintenance and Care for Xenon Arc Aging Test Chambers

The xenon arc aging test chamber is a crucial instrument used in scientific research and production processes for optimizing product formulations and quality testing. It is widely applied in weather resistance testing for products such as coatings, plastics, aluminum composite panels, and automotive glass. Xi'an LIB Environmental Simulation Industry, a manufacturer of aging test chambers, provides the following maintenance and care recommendations for xenon arc aging test chambers:


Regular Replacement of Wet Bulb Wick:


The wet bulb wick should be replaced periodically, especially when it becomes dirty or hardened. The test cloth typically needs to be replaced every three months. When replacing the test cloth, use a clean cloth to wipe the temperature sensor. Ensure that the new test cloth is thoroughly cleaned before installation.

Maintaining the Water Level in the Accumulation Tank:


The water level in the accumulation tank should neither be too high, causing overflow, nor too low, resulting in abnormal water absorption by the wet bulb wick, which can affect the accuracy of the wet bulb temperature. The water level should be maintained at approximately six-tenths full. You can adjust the height of the accumulation tank to regulate the water level.


Periodic Inspection Items:


1、Replacement of Hard or Dirty Test Cloth:


Before each test, inspect and replace any test cloth that has become hard or dirty.

2、Water Level Check (Wet Bulb):


Check the water level of the wet bulb wick every three months to ensure it is within the correct range.

3、Water Level Check (Water Tank):


Inspect the water level in the water tank before each test to ensure it is adequate.

4、Routine Maintenance of the Electrical Distribution Room:


Perform regular maintenance of the electrical distribution room every six months to keep it clean and functional.

5、Cleaning the Interior Chamber:


Clean the interior of the chamber every three months and perform regular maintenance before each operation to ensure it is free from dust and debris.

6、Periodic Maintenance of the Chamber Body:


Conduct routine maintenance on the chamber body every six months to ensure it remains in good working condition.


By following these maintenance and care guidelines, you can ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your xenon arc aging test chamber.


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