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Environmental Test Chamber for Biology

Biology and life sciences examine various forms of living organisms such as plants, animals, and humans. To successfully research any given material or organism, the proper testing equipment is used to simulate environmental conditions. Biology test chambers allow for precision setting of temperature and humidity to simulate the intended climate as accurately as possible.

Environmental Test Chamber for Biology

  • Temperature and Humidity Test

In this test, a few cycles of temperature with humidity control are used to test the medical product under combination of humidity and temperature.

  • Lab Oven

Lab ovens are designed for drying, curing and aging. LIB designed and produced high temperature drying ovens with small, medium and large volumes.

  • Stability Chamber

LIB stability Chambers are designed for the high requirements of stability studies and climatic tests. This stability chambers come in two types including reach-in chambers and walk-in chambers. These stability chambers are presently in use of pharmaceutical.

For some tests it is necessary to constantly regulate the samples' exposure to light, our stability chambers are suitable for these effects of heat, humidity and light conditions.

  • Salt Spray Corrosion Test

Salt fog corrosion testing is most popular where product is exposed to cycles of fog, salt, humidity and drying cycles emulating the real road conditions.

  • IP Dust and Water Ingress Test

To test the dust proof grade, water proof grade and service life of the products, by simulating natural sand and rain environment.

LIB Industry offers a wide range of options to fit your Environmental Test Chamber needs.

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