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​Application and Advantages of ASTM G155 Test Chamber in Material Testing

I. Introduction


1. Wide application of ASTM G155 and ASTM G155 test chamber

ASTM G155 is one of the most widely used xenon laboratory accelerated burn-in testing standards in the world and has been updated many times. This test method is referenced in many other standards.

The ASTM G155 test chamber is a xenon lamp test chamber that meets the standard. Xenon arc lamps with a high convergence with the full sunlight spectrum in nature are used to simulate natural sunlight and reproduce the destructive light waves of sunlight in different environments, so that the material can be well tested for light resistance and weather resistance. It can be used for screening new materials, improving existing materials or evaluating changes in durability after changes in material composition, and is widely used in plastic and rubber materials, coatings and coatings, textiles and other fields.



II. Main components of ASTM G155 test chamber


1. General content of ASTM G155 standard

This standard describes the equipment, general procedures and precautions required for testing samples exposed to xenon arc lamps simulating natural sunlight (directly or through glass) and spray devices used or simulating dew or raindrops in a humid environment, as required by the characteristics of the material or product.


2. Main components of ASTM G155 test chamber

1) Light source system:

ASTM G155 test chamber uses high-quality xenon arc lamp as light source, which can produce high intensity and stable light to meet the requirements of irradiation test, and can be exposed to various shapes and sizes of samples. The irradiation range is 35~150 W/㎡. The ASTM G155 test chamber can directly set and automatically control the irradiation energy (340nm, 420nm, 300nm ~ 400nm, 300nm ~ 800nm) through the controller and the controllable range is wide, and the system automatically monitors and adjusts the irradiation energy deviation caused by the aging of the lamp and other reasons.

Using advanced water-cooled xenon lamps, the cooling speed is fast, and the average service life can reach 1600h.The operator can set the total test time or the total irradiation energy to end the test.


2) Temperature and humidity control system:

The ASTM G155 test chamber is equipped with heating and cooling system, which can accurately control the temperature according to the need, the temperature range is from room temperature to 100℃, and directly set and automatically control the temperature of the studio and the blackboard. Humidity control is usually achieved through a humidity regulator or evaporator to maintain a specific humidity level, ranging from 50% to 98% RH. The chamber is equipped with a forced circulation fan system to ensure a uniform distribution of temperature and humidity in the chamber for a more realistic climate simulation.

At the same time, ASTM G155 test chamber is equipped with a spray system, water spray can be sprayed under dark conditions or under light conditions, you can also choose positive spray and back spray, water can be recycled, reducing equipment operation and maintenance costs.


3) Sample rack and monitoring equipment:

In ASTM G155 test chamber, there are two common types of sample rack, flat sample rack and rotary sample rack.A flat sample holder is usually a flat tray on which the sample can be placed smoothly. Easy to place and secure samples.On the rotating sample rack, the test piece rotates around the xenon lamp, so that the irradiance received by the test piece is relatively uniform, the test error caused by the position difference is reduced, and the test piece is stretched to a certain extent.


In practical applications, users can choose the right type of sample holder according to the characteristics of the test parts and test requirements to ensure accurate and reliable test results.


III. Application of ASTM G155 test chamber in testing of different materials


1. Weather resistance evaluation of plastic and rubber materials

ASTM G155 test chamber evaluates the color change, strength reduction, embrittlement and other performance attenuation of plastics under long-term light and temperature and humidity changes, providing a basis for the research and development of plastic materials, quality control and service life prediction. ASTM G155 test chamber studies the aging rate, elastic loss, cracking and other phenomena of rubber products such as tires and seals in simulated natural environment to improve rubber formulation and production process. In the field of coatings and coatings, the weather resistance, fading, adhesion changes of coatings are detected to help select high-quality coatings suitable for outdoor use and determine their protective properties and service life.


2. Textile industry


The ASTM G155 test chamber can also be used to test clothing fabrics to determine the ultraviolet resistance of fabrics, color fastness and fiber strength changes, and to develop outdoor clothing and functional textiles with good weather resistance. For example, in the home textiles industry, ASTM G155 test chambers evaluate the fading and durability of home textiles such as curtains and carpets under light and everyday use conditions.



3. Electronic and electrical industry


ASTM G155 test chamber is used to test the reliability and stability of the shell materials and packaging materials of electronic components under light and temperature and humidity conditions to ensure the normal operation of electronic equipment in various environments. It also includes testing wire and cable: testing the aging performance of the insulation layer and sheath material of wire and cable to prevent leakage, short circuit and other safety hazards in use.



V. Conclusion

The ASTM G155 test chamber has irreplaceable advantages in the field of material testing due to its high-precision irradiation control, accurate temperature and humidity simulation, good repeatability and reliability. Its applications in plastics, rubber, coatings, textiles and other industries provide strong support for material quality control and research and development.

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