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How does a salt spray chamber work



The working principle of salt spray testing involves compressing a corrosive solution into air spray, which is then directed to envelop the various surfaces of the sample as much as possible. This test can be conducted continuously or cyclically until the sample exhibits the expected corrosion phenomenon. The time of corrosion is then recorded to indicate the sample's corrosion resistance.


The operation of a salt spray chamber involves several steps:


Preparation: The test specimens, typically metallic samples or coated panels, are cleaned thoroughly to remove any contaminants that could interfere with the test results.


Exposure: The specimens are placed inside the chamber, and a salt solution, usually sodium chloride (NaCl) mixed with water, is atomized and sprayed onto the specimens. This creates a corrosive atmosphere, simulating the effects of saltwater exposure.


Controlled Conditions: The salt spray chamber maintains precise control over temperature, humidity, and spray concentration throughout the testing period. This ensures consistency and repeatability of test results.


Monitoring: During the testing process, the specimens are periodically inspected for signs of corrosion, such as rust or discoloration. The duration of testing varies depending on the specific standards or requirements of the industry.


Analysis: After the testing period is complete, the specimens are evaluated to assess their corrosion resistance and durability. This information helps manufacturers determine the suitability of materials and coatings for real-world applications


Salt spray chambers are essential tools for assessing the corrosion resistance of materials and coatings in various industries. Understanding how these chambers work, along with their specifications and costs, is crucial for making informed decisions when purchasing one. As a trusted environmental chamber manufacturer, Xi'An Lib Environmental Simulation Industry stands out as a trusted supplier of salt spray chambers, offering quality products, customization options, competitive pricing, and reliable after-sales support. Partnering with Xi'An Lib Environmental Simulation Industry ensures access to advanced testing solutions for evaluating the durability and performance of materials in corrosive environments.

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