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Temperature Environmental Chamber and Durability of Electronics

Temperature Environmental Chamber influences on electronics

The temperature environmental chamber is widely used in the field of electronic components, and the temperature change can be used to evaluate the physical transformation of electronic components, automation technology components, automotive parts, metal materials, plastics and other industries, such as aerospace, BGA, PCB substrate, electronic chip ic, semiconductor materials, fiber materials and so on.


The environmental thermal chamber tests the electronics continuous resistance to high and low temperatures and the chemical changes of the product's thermal expansion and contraction, which can ensure the quality of the product. This paper mainly discusses the relationship between temperature environment chamber and durability of electronic products.



Performance of temperature environment chamber

Wide temperature range

Temperature environmental test chamber for electronic and electrical products can provide a wide temperature range, usually from -70 ° C to +150 ° C. This can meet the test needs of different products, such as electronic components, circuit boards, batteries, terminal equipment, etc.



Accurate temperature control

Environmental chamber is equipped with accurate temperature control system. The workroom inside is equipped with PT-100 Class A sensor, accurancy at 0.001 degrees, which can achieve accurate temperature control and stability. The temperature controller can set the target temperature as required, and monitor and adjust the temperature change inside the test chamber. The temperature control adopts P.I.D. S.S.R. system synchronous coordinated control, which can improve the stability and life of the control components and interface.


Good temperature uniformity

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, the temperature environmental chamber for electronic and electrical appliances has good temperature uniformity. The centrifugal fan is installed at the rear of the environmental temperature chamber body, and the air is uniformly distributed through the air outlet. Air circulation adopts air outlet at top and air return at bottom, and the wind speed and pressure are in compliance with the test standard, and the temperature is stabilized at the moment of switching. The high-quality centrifugal fan is used to strongly supply air circulation, making the temperature distribution in the test area uniform.



Data recording and analysis

Temperature controlled test chamber is usually equipped with data recording and analysis system, operator can control temperature chamber on touchable screen. Screen display function is working by LCD display, which can display test conditions (including temperature section, cycle number, running time and remaining time, etc.) These data can be used for subsequent analysis and evaluation to guide product improvement and optimization.


Safety protection measures

In order to ensure the safety of the test process, the environmental thermal chamber for electronic and electrical appliances is equipped with a variety of safety protection measures. For example, over temperature protection, over current protection, earth leakage protection, phase sequence protection, refrigerant high pressure protection to ensure the safety of the temperature chamber and samples during the test.


Effects of high and low temperatures on electronics

The temperature environment test chamber provides the possibility to simulate these complex temperature conditions. By placing electronics in the test chamber, the temperature can be precisely controlled and adjusted to simulate a variety of practical environments that may be encountered. Researchers can use the temperature environment test chamber to conduct a series of tests and experiments to evaluate the performance of electronic products at different temperatures.


On the one hand, the high temperature environment can lead to a variety of problems in electronic products. For example, the performance of electronic components may be degraded, battery life may be shortened, and serious problems such as circuit failure, cracking of solder joints may even occur. Although batteries can be stored in a temperature range from -20°C to + 45°C, almost all of the battery's heat can cause the active chemicals to deteriorate. The possible storage temperature range for lithium-ion batteries is -20°C to 60°C, but long-term storage (-20°C to 25°C) is recommended, and the ideal temperature is 15°C.


High temperature testing in a temperature environment test chamber can help discover potential defects and weaknesses in products at high temperatures for improvement and optimization in the design and production stages.


On the other hand, the low temperature environment will also have an impact on consumer electronics. It may cause abnormal screen display, sharp deterioration of battery performance, brittle plastic and rubber parts, etc. The low temperature test in the temperature environment test chamber can find the vulnerable point of the product under low temperature conditions in advance, and take corresponding measures to enhance its low temperature resistance. For example, special battery technology is used to improve the low temperature performance of the screen.


In addition, the temperature environment test chamber can help evaluate the long-term stability of consumer electronics products under extreme temperature conditions. Placing the product in a specific temperature environment for a long time can observe the gradual change in its performance and the possible aging phenomenon. This is of great significance for predicting the service life and reliability of products.


Applications of temperature environmental chamber

Temperature environmental chamber for electronic and electrical appliances are widely used in the electronic and electrical industry to evaluate the reliability and performance of electronic and electrical products in extreme temperature environments. It can help product design and improvement, improve product quality and reliability, and ensure the normal work of products in various environments. At the same time, it can also be used for product quality control, new product development, fault analysis and standard compliance.


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