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benchtop temperature chamber
benchtop thermal chamber
benchtop test chambers
benchtop temperature test chamber
benchtop stability chamber
benchtop temperature chamber
benchtop thermal chamber
benchtop test chambers
benchtop temperature test chamber
benchtop stability chamber

Benchtop Environmental Chamber

LIB Benchtop Environmental Chamber is a small desktop simulated temperature,  temperature and humidity chamber. Placed on a stand for easy operation and space saving. This small temperature and humidity environmental chamber provides high performance in a compact size.

Features and Benefits of Benchtop Environmental Chamber

1. According to different specimens, xenon arc chamber has a variety of models to choose from; For flat specimens, rotating drum type xenon arc chamber is the best; for irregular samples, shelf type xenon arc chamber is suitable. The chamber has a variety of structures and sizes to freely choose from.

2. The xenon arc chamber is equipped with a water-cooled xenon arc lamp, which has high stability and good cooling performance

3. The temperature and humidity chamber has a variety of filters to choose from: Daylight Q, Daylight B/B, Window Q, Window B/B filters.

4. The xenon arc chamber can be used for color fastness testing, cracking, weathering, aging testing, and meets various light aging testing standards, such as ASTM, ISO, etc.

Specifications of Benchtop Environmental Chamber




Internal Dimension (mm)



Overall Dimension (mm)



Interior Volume



Heat load


Temperature Range

A : -20℃ ~ +150 ℃

B : -40℃ ~ +150 ℃

C: -70℃ ~ +150 ℃

Temperature Fluctuation

± 0.5 ℃

Temperature Deviation

± 2.0 ℃

Humidity Range

20% ~ 98% RH

Humidity Deviation

± 2.5% RH

Cooling Rate

1 ℃ / min

Heating Rate

3 ℃ / min

Cooling system

Mechanical compression refrigeration system


Programmable color LCD touch screen controller

Ethernet connection

Safety Device

Humidifier Dry-combustion protection; Over-temperature Protection; Over-current Protection;

Refrigerant High-pressure protection; Water Shortage Protection; Earth leakage Protection

Exterior Material

Steel Plate with protective coating

Interior Material

SUS304 stainless steel

Thermal Insulation

Polyurethane foam and insulation cotton

Observation Window

Interior lighting, double-layer thermo stability silicone rubber sealing

Standard Configuration

1 Cable hole (Φ 50,) with plug; 2 shelves




Benchtop Environmental Chamber Applications


Benchtop environmental chambers are versatile devices designed for creating controlled and simulated environmental conditions within a compact, tabletop-sized chamber. These chambers find applications in various industries and research fields. Some common benchtop environmental chamber applications include:


Material Testing:

Temperature Testing: Assessing how materials behave under different temperature conditions, including extreme temperatures.

Humidity Testing: Evaluating material performance in varying humidity levels.


Electronics Testing:

Temperature Cycling: Testing electronic components for reliability under repeated temperature changes.

Humidity Stress Testing: Assessing the impact of humidity variations on electronic devices.


Biological Research:

Cell Culture: Creating specific temperature and humidity conditions for cell culture experiments.

Seed Germination: Studying the effects of temperature and humidity on seed germination.


Pharmaceutical Testing:

Stability Testing: Evaluating the stability of pharmaceutical products under different environmental conditions. 

Drug Formulation: Studying the impact of temperature and humidity on drug formulations.


Food and Beverage Testing:

Shelf Life Studies: Assessing the shelf life of food products under controlled environmental conditions.

Quality Control: Monitoring the impact of temperature and humidity on food quality.


How does a benchtop environmental chamber work?


A benchtop environmental chamber is a controlled environment system designed to simulate and maintain specific conditions of temperature, humidity, and sometimes other environmental factors. The key components and principles involved in the operation of a benchtop environmental chamber are as follows:


Temperature Control:

Heating and Cooling Systems: Environmental chambers are equipped with heating and cooling elements to adjust the temperature inside the chamber.

Thermostats: These devices monitor the temperature and activate the heating or cooling systems to maintain the desired setpoint.


Humidity Control:

Humidification and Dehumidification Systems: Chambers have mechanisms for adding moisture (humidification) or removing moisture (dehumidification) to control humidity levels.

Humidity Sensors: Sensors monitor the humidity within the chamber and trigger the humidification or dehumidification systems as needed.


Air Circulation:

Fans: Chambers include fans to ensure uniform distribution of temperature and humidity throughout the chamber.

Airflow Control: Adjustable vents or dampers help regulate the airflow within the chamber.


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring:

Sensors and Probes: Various sensors and probes are placed strategically within the chamber to continuously monitor temperature and humidity.

Feedback Systems: The monitoring systems provide feedback to the control unit, allowing it to make real-time adjustments to maintain the desired conditions.


Control Unit:

Microprocessor or Controller: The heart of the environmental chamber is a control unit that processes information from sensors and adjusts the chamber's parameters accordingly.

User Interface: Users can set and monitor the desired environmental conditions through a user-friendly interface, inputting parameters such as temperature and humidity.


Safety Features:

Alarms: Environmental chambers often include alarms to alert users in case of deviations from the set conditions.

Safety Shutdowns: In the event of critical failures or extreme conditions, safety shutdown mechanisms may be in place to protect both the chamber and its contents.



Insulated Walls: The chamber is typically constructed with insulated walls to minimize heat exchange with the external environment.

Seals: Effective seals on doors and openings prevent external air from entering and disrupting the controlled environment.


Lighting (Optional):

Internal Lighting: Some chambers may include internal lighting to allow observation of the contents without affecting the environmental conditions.

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