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Salt Spray Test Chambers:Maintenance and Operation Guidelines

Salt spray test chambers, also known as salt spray corrosion test chambers, are used to assess the corrosion resistance of certain products and protective coatings. These test devices are suitable for testing the corrosion resistance of protective coatings on components, electronic parts, metal materials, and industrial products. Below are some essential maintenance and operational guidelines for using salt spray test chambers.



Maintenance and Care Tips for Salt Spray Test Chambers


1、Inspection Before Reuse: If the test chamber has not been used for a long time, thoroughly inspect all electrical systems before starting any tests to ensure all systems are functioning correctly.


2、Draining the Saturator: When the test machine is idle for extended periods, ensure the water in the saturator is completely drained.


3、Regular Water Refill: Frequently refill the water in the saturator during normal use.


4、Clean Water Usage: Use clean water for the salt solution and the saturator to extend the lifespan of the nozzle and the saturator.


5、Avoid Liquid Cleaning on Control Panel: Do not use water or other liquids to clean the control panel.


6、Drain Compressor Lines: Regularly drain the water and oil residues from the water separators and air storage tanks in the compressed air lines.


7、Professional Repair: In case of a malfunction, do not disassemble the machine without guidance. Contact the service department or follow their instructions for repairs.


8、Parameters Control: Ensure the salt spray test chamber's humidity and temperature do not exceed the equipment's specifications.


9、Post-Test Cleaning: After each test, clean the chamber thoroughly and try to keep it in a dry environment.


Operational Precautions for Salt Spray Test Chambers


1、Monitor Saturator Water Level: Frequently check the saturator's water level based on the spray sedimentation rate. Ensure the water level does not fall below the warning line.


2、Salt Water Concentration and Level: Check that the salt water concentration and water level meet the standards.


3、Air Pressure and Cleanliness: Check the intake air pressure and cleanliness. Monitor the water separator's performance and promptly clear any blockages.


4、Ventilation and Drainage: Frequently inspect the exhaust and drainage pipes to ensure they are unobstructed.


5、Salt Solution Usage: If the salt solution has not been used for more than a week, do not reuse it to avoid compromising the test results.



By adhering to the above maintenance and operational guidelines, operators can significantly reduce the fault rate and extend the lifespan of the salt spray test chamber.

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