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Cryogenic Chamber

LIB Cryogenic Chamber adopts mechanical refrigeration, and the low temperature can reach -120°C. This test chamber achieves energy saving, When the temperature needs to be stabilized again, the advanced PID control can effectively control the output value of the constant phase and the recovery phase.

Cryogenic Chamber Features and Benefits

1. Replacing the traditional way of cooling with liquid nitrogen, LIB cryogenic chamber achieves a low temperature condition of -120°C through mechanical refrigeration.

2. The cryogenics chamber refrigeration system is reliable and stable, which can realize the test in a stable cryogenic environment.

3. The standard cryogenic chamber has 2 sample holders, which can be adjusted and disassembled to test specimens of different sizes. The air circulation system of the test chamber provides good air circulation, achieving good temperature uniformity.

4. The cryogenic chamber applies programmable control, which can realize 120 programs for testing. The cryogenic chamber can be controlled remotely through mobile devices; it can also be connected to the unified control system of the laboratory to achieve unified control and operation.

Cryogenic Chamber Specifications







Internal Dimension (mm)






Overall Dimension (mm)






Interior Volume






Temperature Range

-120℃ ~ +150℃

Temperature Fluctuation

± 0.5 ℃

Temperature Deviation

± 2.0 ℃

Cooling Rate

1 ℃ / min

Heating Rate

3 ℃ / min

Cooling system

Mechanical compression refrigeration system

Refrigerating unit

Cascade compressor

Heating Element

Nichrome heater


Programmable color LCD touch screen controller,Ethernet connection

Safety Device

Over-temperature Protection; Over-current Protection;

Refrigerant High-Pressure Protection; Earth leakage Protection

Exterior Material

Steel Plate with protective coating

Interior Material

SUS304 stainless steel

Thermal Insulation

Plyurethane foam and insulation cotton

Observation Window

Interior lighting, double-layer thermo stability silicone rubber sealing

Standard Configuration

1 Cable hole (Φ 50,) with plug; 2 shelves

Cryogenic Freezing Chamber Application

Cryogenic freezing chamber evaluates product performance changes and life conditions in the extreme high temperature (+150℃),low temperature(-120℃) environment, mainly used in aerospace, military, electronic components, quenching process and other fields.

Cryogenic treatment is a special material heat treatment method, so that it can achieve a more stable structure, thereby improving its performance and service life.


Cryogenic Freezing Chamber Working Principle

Cryogenic freezing chamber mainly relies on low-temperature refrigeration technology, and adopts mechanical refrigeration to replace the traditional liquid nitrogen refrigeration method. The cold temperature test chamber adopts the triple-stack refrigeration method to improve cooling efficiency. And the cooling rate can be 1℃/min or faster.

And in order to ensure low temperature uniformity, the inside of is equipped with fans to promote the transfer and uniform distribution of heat. Before the test started, specimens are placed in workroom and stayed for a period of time in a low temperature environment, resulting in changes in structure and properties of the material.

How to Choose Proper Cryogenic Freezing Chamber?

  • Pay attention to the temperature range and the cryogenic freezing chamber can be up to -120℃ and below. 

  • Energy and cost savings can be achieved by choosing a cold temperature chamber with an efficient refrigeration system, which uses three stack mechanical refrigeration. 

  • According to the size and number of specimen, select the appropriate capacity of the cryogenic freezing chamber,model CF-100,CF-225,CF-500,CF-800 and CF-1000 are available, custom sizes are also supported. 

  • Considering the maintenance and after-sales service,the cold temperature chamber has a 3 years warranty, lifetime service.

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